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How To Choose Instagram Font for Instagram Post

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Instagram is not only about images or photos you share. The instagram font you use will also play a big part in how strong your post is on attracting people’s attention and converting them into followers. Then, here is the big question. How do we choose the best font for an Instagram post?

Image/Photo Post

For static images, you need an Instagram font that can stand out from the image. You use the text to explain or share messages that represent that image. Therefore, the standout font style is a perfect choice for this type of Instagram post.

Also, consider the color of the font. Choose the contrast color to make it easy to notice. That helps your followers or Instagram users to know what you want to share through that post.

Carousel Post

This slide-type post needs a font style that looks cohesive between each slide/photo/video in the post. However, you don’t need to use only one font style by da font. Try to combine two or three font styles, but choose those that fall into the same category, for example, informal no hook style or wacky style.


The instagram font for stories is a bit different. Because it won’t last forever, you need a font style that can easily attract attention and stay for a long time in the follower’s mind. Thus, a bold and elegant type font is the best choice for this post. Make sure you use a strong style font for links or anything you want to emphasize on that story.


As for short video posts on Instagram aka the Reels, the font you use should be also well-animated. We are not talking about making the text move around. The font styles should look dynamic and match the theme of your short video.

Choose the curly ones for a cute video, straight for a formal video, and crazy style for a cool reel. You can find many da font styles that match that category. If you can match the font style with the message and video theme, you will get the best response from other users.

ConclusionTo summarize, the font style should match the type of Instagram post you made. It would be even better if you choose one font style and use it continuously. That will create a trademark or something that makes your Instagram post different from other Instagram users’ posts. So, are you ready to choose your instagram font?

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