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Why Fonts Are Important for Branding and Advertising


Typography is a very crucial part of building your own brand. But unfortunately, so many people don’t pay enough attention and this aspect is often not very well planned. You can have excellent graphic contents but if you don’t choose the right fonts, potential customers could easily look away from your brand. This is why font is important for your business. 

How Crucial is Font?

When you are considering typography for your business, it’s not only about choosing and using a certain font but all the elements of typography need to be arranged properly and correctly according to your design which includes selected fonts, size, color contrast, visual arrangement, and the blank space. Every single element of typography will impact the design of your brand both on micro and macro stages.

When you are doing typography correctly and properly, you will be able to have a specific personality that will resonate with your customers. And by doing this, people would be interested to buy your product since they can relate with your fonts. Your fonts could be romantic, vintage, modern, as long as it would help to express your brand’s personality. 

It Has Impacts on Experiences

Choosing the right font is crucial since it will impact the experiences of your customers. People will perceive your brand in various situations through words. Doesn’t matter if they see your brand on a banner, TV commercial, your brand’s website or anywhere else, seeing it is an experience for your customers. So it is important to choose the right fonts to give the best first impression and experience for them.

The top two things you should consider when picking the right font is the size and contrast. Research suggests that people are struggling to see and read brands with small font and poor contrasts, especially on digital devices like smartphones or laptops. Even though this sounds small and trivial, it could lead to bad experience and then will negatively impact your brand. So make sure you pick the font from font generator with proper size and contrast. If you are looking for the perfect font for your business, go to https://twinletter.com/. Twinletter is a font foundry that will give you the correct and best font for your branding and advertisement or any other project. Twinletter will give you the best font with various kinds of flexible licenses. 

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