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4 Unique Types of Graffiti Font Artists Use

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Graffiti has a unique font style that makes anyone recognize it in one glance. Most of us think that graffiti font consists of two styles, the cute rounded one and the wild sharp one. The truth is the font style in many graffiti artwork has five styles. Here, you will learn more about each of those font styles in graffiti art.


The Tag is the basic form of the font style used in graffiti. It is so simple that you can see it is similar to human handwriting. In many graffiti art, the artist uses a monochromatic style when they draw or write this font style.

The Tag also becomes the very first font style that many graffiti artists use when they just start their journey. This font style is easy to modify and develop. From that development, the artists can create a unique or personal font style that represents the artist’s art style.

Bubble Letters

This rounded and bubbly font style is one of the famous font styles for graffiti. You can easily recognize this font style because of its cute and funny shape. However, it doesn’t mean that artists use it for cute and fun messages. Some messages and criticism also use this font style to create a satirical vibe, which emphasizes the message.

The letter of this graffiti font is written almost without space between letters. They squished against each other, and the artist used different outlines and color filling to make them stand out. This unique font style is one of the popular choices among many font styles of da font.


Graffiti artists use this font style to write political or social criticism messages in their artwork. However, many of them don’t use this font style. Many graffiti artists see it as a font style that lacks artistic value. It is reasonable because you write it using pre-cut templates instead of hand drawing.


Many artists love this style because it offers them more freedom to incorporate it into their art. It has a complicated shape, lettering fragments, and various colors. You might know it as the wild-sharp graffiti font style.

ConclusionThe font style in graffiti art uses different styles, visuals, and designs. It represents various moods and art styles the artist used. You only need to choose one you think matches your style. Use that graffiti font, modify it, and let people know that it is yours when they see it.

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