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Best Graffiti Numbers Style That You Should Know

Do you know the famous street art? It is usually known as graffiti, a visual communication often marked in public. Now, you don’t have to get into the street for graffiti. You could just use it as a font or just the Graffiti numbers. 

An example of graffiti font can be seen through the TwinLetter website. They offer various font styles that you could use for multiple design projects or even for your own business. Are you interested in the best graffiti font you should know? Just scroll down this article! 

Best Graffiti Font To Use   

If you want to make your design more edgy and unique, use graffiti numbers. Graffiti could add a touch of exaggeration and boldness. So it is highly recommended if you’re planning to catch the attention of many people. 

Many artistic people love using graffiti font. Do not worry if you have no experience in using it. You just have to see an example of graffiti font on the TwinLetter website and decide whether it suits your design plan. Let’s just get into it, shall we? 

1. Example of Numbers in Graffiti Style 

We have been mentioning the numbers in Graffiti font. But what does the number mean? And what could you do with it? Do not worry if you have the same thoughts regarding that question; we will give you the information needed. 

The best graffiti font you should know will slowly be revealed after you understand the basics. Graffiti is more like a font that symbolizes rebellion, but not all that. A graffiti number is a numerical character drawn in graffiti style. Let’s check it out!

  1. Open the TwinLetter website, as various fonts are waiting for your purchase! For example, there’s Izonery graffiti font. It sparks vibrant and colorful vibes for you.  
  2. The second one, TwinLetter, also has Menor! Menor has a unique shape with an appealing look that could beautify your project. Use this for product logos, headlines, packaging, etc. 
  3. The third graffiti font is Bamew. TwinLetter specifically designs Bamew for any kind of project. Bamew is one of the best graffiti fonts to use with graffiti numbers, and it looks cool!
  4. Next is Suxan, a graffiti style with a strong and modern look. Fun fact: if you purchase this font, you will receive something special from TwinLetter!
  5. Continue with Hekaz. Hekaz is a good example of numbers in graffiti style. The shape of this font is uniquely unconventional but pleasing to the eye of consumers.

2. When to use Graffiti Font Style 

As mentioned, you can use Graffiti font for any occasion or project. It is best used for graphic design purposes, especially for your branding. If you have a small streetwear business, we highly recommend using graffiti numbers as your logo.

You could use the best graffiti font you should know from TwinLetter. You just have to pick one that suits your taste and matches your brand’s concept. The graffiti concept best suits businesses that target youth as their customer and market.  

3. Benefits of Using Graffiti For Brand 

In this last part, we will discuss the advantage of using graffiti font as a branding for your business. Now that you know the example of numbers in graffiti style, consider using the mentioned graffiti font for your branding. What’s the benefit? 

  1. The first advantage is for the sake of youth appeal or, in other words, to catch the attention of the youngsters. Youths these days really like the aesthetic that graffiti has
  2. It could give a stand-out look to your brand since graffiti is such a bold-looking style, so if there are a lot of other competitors, your brand that uses graffiti font could still look appealing to the eyes of consumers.  
  3. Choose the best graffiti font to use, and you will be able to give your brand a touch of urban authenticity. 
  4. Using the best graffiti font you should know as your branding will successfully build a unique identity for your business.

Now that you know the graffiti numbers and the best graffiti font to use, you can go to the next step! The next step is to visit the TwinLetter website and purchase the font for your branding. Happy designing!

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