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4 Types of Fonts Suitable to Improve Your Design

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If your job is related to design, you must know well how important the use of fonts is. Yes, design or graphic design is more than just creating images, logos, or videos for brands and ads. To make the visual more catchy and to send the message to the audience, often texts are needed. 

To make the text look more attractive, of course, you need to choose the most suitable font. There are indeed some types of font that are suggested to use for design. What are they? Here are some of them.


Talking about the most popular font for design, it seems that Serif is the answer. Serif can be simply found in the font generator with some variations. For some variations, you may need to pay them. But no matter the variation, one characteristic of Serif is not found in other types of font. It is the addition of a short line on the edge of the letter.

The line is known as the counterstroke. The counterstroke is added to emphasize the sense of classic as historically, this type of font was written by Romans using the ink brush. Automatically, the short line was added without even trying to style it.

Sans Serif

The second type of font suitable for design is Sans Serif. Sans in French means without. It refers to the style of Sans Serif that is basically very similar to Serif but just without the Iconic counterstroke. This classic font has been popular since the early 19th century. For many people at that time, the font looked strange as it didn’t meet the standard of European tradition.


The Script font is suitable for graphic design products that want to provide classic and elegant vibe. It looks like cursive letters with some curves on certain parts. The use of this font is generally quite rare. But if the product to advertise wants to highlight the sense of classic, Script font is the best choice. In addition, this font is recommended for adults to elderly groups of audience.

ComicIf Script is for adults, if the design is to promote products for the younger audience, you can choose Comic. Just like the name, the font shape is very similar to the letter design in Comic conversation. It indeed looks cute, fun, and playful so certain groups of people tend to love to read it more. Of course, you can use it for design intended for teenagers or kids also.

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