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Know The Best Handwriting Korean Font

Korea has become a world sensation! It started with Korean Pop, and Korea has emerged in many aspects of the world. Even now, some designers and entrepreneurs use handwriting Korean fonts for their brands. Would you like to get to know more about it?

Korea is known for its cute pastel style. It has come in a font adapted to the Korean style’s cuteness. Fonts in Korean style have started to get trendy, and many people have started to use branding with cute fonts in Korean style. Let’s dig up more about it! 

Cute Handwriting Font in Korean  

Do you know about hangul? It’s Korea’s native alphabet; surprisingly, many people worldwide learn Hangul writing! But it does not mean the handwriting Korean font here will use Hangul, okay? The font only adapts its style! 

If you’re having difficulty imagining it visually, you should see it directly on the TwinLetter website! They provide many font styles, including the best Korean font you should know. Let’s jump into the matter if you plan to use the Korean font! 

1. Example of Font in Korean Style 

As mentioned, TwinLetter has already provided many of the best Korean fonts you should know. You must visit the website and explore all kinds of cute Korean fonts that may attract you to use it!

We will mention some examples of cute fonts in Korean from TwinLetter so you can read the list of examples before jumping into the website itself. After this, you may read the list of examples so you can be branding with a cute font in Korean style! 

  1. Utonaf. This first example of Korean font has sparked elegance and modernity with a Korean-style touch to every letter. 
  2. Molyan. The second one resembles the opposite vibe of the first example. Molyan will bring you to the traditional Korean style with a graceful touch and the warmth of Korean culture. 
  3. Kinserim, as the third example, is the perfect font that shows the authenticity of Korean elegance and beauty through mesmerizing fonts. 
  4. Hizuna is another example of a Korean font with elegant letters. It symbolized the beauty and delicacy of the Korean style. 
  5. Moncbla is another font example that successfully brings a distinctive Asian charm through the letter, expressing rich Korean culture’s tenderness. 
  6. Yeongest is perfect for you if you want to showcase the gentleness of Korean style. It has even been recommended for use in a project that wants to embrace Asian beauty. 
  7. Jonyock is one of the best Korean fonts you should know! It combines the beauty of traditional and modern styles. It’s unique, so don’t miss the chance to use it!
  8. Bimoen. The list of examples is still going on! TwinLetter has Bimoen as the Korean font that sparks an enchanting and inviting atmosphere with its dazzling style 
  9. Kimyonja suits you if you want to use a classic Korean font! This font is adapted from Korea’s rich cultural heritage 
  10. Bosan Mirull is recommended for branding with a cute font in Korean style! It has a unique style that consists of an Asian twist  
  11. Raboan is another handwriting Korean font example from TwinLetter that has an easy-to-understand form and style of fonts 
  12. Lakoshen is the last example of handwriting Korean font. The style of this font sparks the delicacy and elegance of Korean culture that you need to emphasize as your branding 

2. Branding With Korean Font 

Whether you want to use the font in Korean style for your branding depends on the persona you’re trying to build. If you plan to make a brand that embarks on a modern yet traditional vibe with vibrant and playful colors, then using Korean font is highly recommended!

Now that you know branding with cute fonts in Korean style, you should purchase the font in Korean style through the TwinLetter website! You can explore many cute Korean fonts there, and you won’t be disappointed!

Use handwriting Korean font for any kind of project or brand that you want! If you use a Korean font style, you will catch your customer’s attention with your brand’s vibrant and playful look!

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