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5 Beginner Tips – Using Cursive Font Like A Professional Designer

9. cursive font

The cursive font offers a touch of elegance and sophistication to a design where you use it. However, that is only for you who know how to use these font types correctly. Otherwise, your design will look amateurish and far from perfect. To avoid those problems, here, we have tips on how to use this curly font on your design.

No Kerning

Kerning or adding and removing extra space between characters is one of the methods to make your text look visually appealing. However, the cursive font should be freed from this method. It only ruins the flow and makes this font style look horrible.

Pair It with Bold Style Font Type

To balance the curly and complicated style of cursive font, pair it with bold style font type. Serif or sans-serif fonts are the standard options for this purpose. This font is one of the common font styles you can find in da font or other places. It helps you to create a design that is easy to understand by the audience.

Use Cursive Fonts as An Accent

The cursive font may look beautiful with its shape. However, it could be hard to read. Therefore, you can only use this font as the decoration or accent. Use the bold or serif-type font for important text, like product name, promotion line, and detailed information about the design.

No All Caps Style

The cursive font shape and design are beautiful. However, we must admit that it can be difficult to read. Then, if you use an all-caps style, it will be even more difficult to read. It also messes up the design layout.

Customize Your Cursive Fonts

Even though cursive font has a complicated form, it is much easier to customize and personalize it. You can use various methods to change its shape. For example, you can change the size, color, or outline of the first letter. That is enough to make the whole text look different.

Or, you can stretch the curve or change its size to match your design. Now, you have a beautiful logo that represents your design theme. Use your creativity to make this font style look even more beautiful.


Cursive font is tricky to use, similar to it’s complicated and unique form. We hope our tips help you to use this unique font optimally on your design without problems. Now, you only need to get this font or order it to create a special cursive font for your design.

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