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Da Font: The Best Font Source to Use

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What comes across your mind about Da Font? Some people may know about it when they are related to portfolios, documents, and designs requiring different designs of fonts. It is a font website source for designers to use it. It also has details and information that make you agree to use.

What Is Da Font?

Da Font is a website providing some types of font awesome and designs to use for both laptops and handphones. You can see several free fonts on the website making this website recommended to get great fonts for your work. However, you must be concerned about the mentioned rules for commercial use. It is a different rule that you must know. 

License of Fonts in Da Font 

Though you can download freely with a font changer and font identifier on this website, Da Font, it does not mean that you can use it for free. You must read the applicable rules before you use the fonts. On the right font part, there is an available download button in which you can read the rules. It helps you know whether the font is freely used or not. 

Free for Personal Use

Free for personal use and is available in Da Font. If you find this information detailed, it does not mean that you can use this font freely, especially for commercial use. You must press the font first on Da Font. Then, read the information details for further. On the page, it mentions the rules from the author or font owner. 

In this part, the font owner gives details about their work. When the information detail is only free for personal use, you must use it for that purpose. If you use it for commercial use, you must pay a fee. If you love the font and use it for commercials, the owner has given the ways on how to buy it. Da Font is a font website source in which most of the fonts are someone else’s work and design. You can find a fancy font or an Instagram font on this website for different purposes. 

When you buy the font on this website, you are usually directed to Bifont. Not all sites are to buy fonts on Bifont. It depends on the font owner. You may buy fonts on Etsy or other sites. The license is different depending on the rules and policies. You can adjust the font needed for any purpose. 

100% Free

If you find 100% free on the right side, the font on Da Font is freely used. You can use it for any purposes, personal or commercial uses. You can do it for free. However, you still keep reading the usage from the font owner and maker to avoid something unexpected. You can find different designs of the font style on Da Font. 


For this information detail, the font owner usually does not upload all font files. However, you can still download it. An author and designer giving the information details that the font is used for personal purposes only. Try to read the rules and policies first to avoid some illegal uses. The unfree fonts are usually more attractive and unique so that you must pay it first for usage. You can download graffiti font for graffiti and banner designs. 

The Rules for Buying Fonts in Da Font 

When you buy a font on Da Font, you can buy it from payment websites, you can do the following steps for payment. You can use any payment method. 

  1. Registration 

It is like another site to use it. You must register first on Bifont when you want to buy fonts on Da Font. If you want to pay with PayPal, you can use a PayPal account, it makes the payment easier. 

  1. Choosing Font 

You can select fonts on Da Font that you want to choose like Barbie font, gothic font, or any other font.  When you have shopped for fonts that you want, you get notifications. 

  1. Order

After you select fonts, you click purchase. After that, you click checkout. You will see a purchase detail and fill in the identity data. Click purchase then. You will be directed to the payment page with some payment methods. 

  1. Payment 

To make it easier, it is better to use PayPal. The account will automatically synchronize to Payment when you add your number to default automatic payment. You can also use another payment. Nevertheless, you cannot transfer via bank. 

How to Choose Font on Da Font

Choosing the right font sometimes is very difficult and less appropriate for the layout to cover posters, banners, or books. Sometimes choosing an appropriate font requires time and effort. You can use the following tips to choose a font on Da Font. 

  1. Easy to Read

When you want to use a font from Da Font, make sure it must be readable. It is a crucial aspect of font usage. It can influence your purpose and design mood. You may use the cursive font on Da Font. A readable font is eye-catching for distributing messages to the readers. 

  1. Favourite Fonts 

You may choose the most favorite fonts for any purpose on Da Font. The fonts are usually unique and attractive for any design work. You can use it to combine a layout design and the message of the layout. 

  1. Free Use

If you can use a free font, it is better than paying for it. The first way to do this is to find free fonts on Da Font when you want to use it. Try to find out the most suitable one for designing purposes. However, if it does not work, you can find out the paid fonts then. It is a wise action to do when you use Da Font as the font website source. 

Those are some things about Da Font and the font styles available on the website. You can trust the website to provide any font styles for your purposes. 

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