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5 Ultimate Secret to Choose the Best Font Style for Design

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Text will enrich the image and assist it to share and send messages to the audience. Using the right font style can give a huge boost to how the design will affect your audience. Therefore, one of the essential things you must do is choose the font style before using it on your design. Here, we have tips on how to choose the best font for your design.

Find the Inspiration

You are not stealing other work. You only see them and use them as inspiration to get the idea for your font style. You can do this by looking at the font style on various online media.

Get the Font

After you know what you want to do, you must get the font. There are many places to get it, like da font or you can order the font at TwinLetter. You need two types of fonts, the main and the second or supporting font style.

You use the main font style as the core of the design. For example, use this font style to write the product name, the message, or the focal points of the design. Therefore, make sure you choose the bold or non-organic type font style for this one. You want to make it straight to the point, so your audience knows what you want to say to them.

As for the second font style, you use it as an accent or explanation. Use a different style for this one. The main one uses the bold and straight style. You have more freedom on the supporting font style. Use the curly or cursive style or even decorative style.

Combine the Width

Try to combine the different widths. For example, use the condensed font style with a wider-width font style. This contrast will create a unique and appealing visual.

Limit the Font Typefaces

Similar to drawing, you should use fewer font typefaces to avoid readability problems. The maximum number of font typefaces should be 2-3 typefaces. More than that number, the design will look crowded and difficult to understand. It becomes even more problematic for fonts with complicated designs, like gothic or cursive font styles.

Avoid Trendy Font Style

If you want your design and text to last longer, do not use the trendy font style. That only makes your design similar to others and not stand out or be memorable. That’s everything you need to know about font style. So, are you ready to choose or order a font you like?

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