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Mehndi Design in 2 Simple Ideas for Beginners

5. mehndi design

What is Mehndi design? Mehndi refers to a typical visual art coming from the regions of South and West Asia. The term Mehndi comes from Hindi, meaning colors on the skin or nails. There is also a similar art in Arabs, namely Henna, coming from the Arabic word, al-hinna.

Mehndi is often applied to women on particular occasions such as in their weddings. Yes, if you come to traditional wedding ceremonies of Indian or Arab women, you can see their hands are ornamented with arts with certain designs or patterns. Slightly, mehndi looks like tattoos but they are not permanent and the designs tend to look more traditional.

Mehndi is actually something that can be learned easily. If you are interested in it, you can start to learn to make it from the simplest designs. What are they? Here are the inspirations.

Simple Jasmine Design

Mehndi design, whether the one applied to the skin or the graphic design version, is mostly related to natural items such as flowers, leaves, and so on. So, you can start your learning on Mehndi by drawing the simple Jasmine Design. In nature, Jasmine is indeed a type of flower with a simple appearance. It has a small stamen dot in the middle and then surrounded by white petals with a simple look. Therefore, Jasmine is one of the flowers that are quite easy to draw.

The Mehndi design for the Jasmine flower can start by creating a small dot on the skin. Then, follow it by drawing petals in the form of water drops around the dot. If you find it difficult to draw the small one, create a bigger Jasmine. Repeat the drawing process until there are some beautiful Jasmines on the skin.

Simple Leaves and Vines

Another simple mehndi for beginners is the leaf. You must know how to draw a leaf on the paper. For Mehndi, just apply it to the skin using a special ink. Try to create a big leaf on the skin first and see if the shape has been neat. Next, create other smaller leaves around to make the design richer. Inside the leaf pattern, you can also add other garnishes such as short lines or dots.

If you think drawing leaves only is too monotonous, try Vines to enrich the mehndi. Vines are curvy lines added around the leaves. You can create some curls to make this simple design more aesthetic. So, are you interested in trying this mehndi design?

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