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2 Ideas of Font Awesome to Beautify Your Gadget Screen

1. font awesome

What is font awesome? Well, font awesome is a term often used for non-default fonts to download to beautify your gadget’s screen. If you look at your gadgets, there must be some fonts that are originally available. You can change them from one to another to make the screen look more attractive and refreshing.

But of course, the options of the default font are limited. If you are bored with them all, you must find other options somewhere else and download them. Sure, those other options usually look more attractive and unique. When you use one of them, it just simply refreshes your sight. So, what are the examples of the font awesome? Here they are.

High Mount

What comes to your mind when hearing the phrase high mount? Yes, it is probably something related to nature like a mount or a summit with a beautiful landscape. Not to forget, there are also green trees, bushes, blue rivers, and so on. In other words, this phrase indeed sounds relaxing. And that’s why, it becomes one of the names of the font awesome.

The High Mount font is designed to be simple yet comical. It brings a sense of nature just like how a high mount should be. This font is actually not new as you may have seen it on some popular platforms like games and graphic design products. Sure, for the font of the PC or smartphone, it will be great as well.


Another da font idea that is inspired by nature is Aquatic. Another refreshing theme since it simply reminds you of the water or ocean. The shape of the font is slightly very similar to High Mount. The difference is placed on the detail in which Aquatic has curves on the edges of every letter. It makes the font similar to the wave of the water. Applying Aquatic font on your gadgets is a good choice for you who want to make the screen look different. Combine it with related ideas such as the ocean-themed wallpaper and the like. Of course, you can also use it for other work such as your school or office project. The Aquatic font is not only suitable for the body of the text but also recommended for the title or other types of text to highlight. So, are you interested in using this font awesome?

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