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Pros and Cons of Using the Montserrat Font

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When we are talking about the most used fonts in the world, then the name Montserrat should be mentioned. Montserrat is a sans-serif kind of font designed by an Argentinian designer named Julieta Ulanovsky and was inspired by the urban typography of one of the neighborhoods in Argentina with the same name. If you are interested in using the Montserrat font, here are the pros and cons of the famous font.

Pros of Montserrat Font

There are several reasons why this font is one of the most popular ones in the world. First, it is modernly aesthetic with the geometric design and clean lines that will give the feel of contemporary. Because of this, the Montserrat font is very suitable for various use and applications.

Another advantage of this font is the versatility and flexibility. Montserrat is available in various styles and weights making it very flexible to use and design. This font also has well-proportioned letters that contributes to its high level of readability both in large or small sizes. 

Probably the biggest reason why the Montserrat font is so popular and widely used around the world is the fact that it is completely free to use. This font has a free license, available under the license of SIL Open Font License. Everyone can use this font for both personal and commercial projects.

Cons of Montserrat Font

Before you go to a font generator to use the Montserrat font for your project, you need to know the cons of this famous font. First, because of the free license, so many people are using this font, making it lacking in uniqueness. To use this font for personal projects might be good, but it’s not recommended to use Montserrat font for commercial ones. 

The other con of this font is it has a limited level of expressiveness. Montserrat font is versatile and flexible but it probably couldn’t convey a highly artistic tone. So if you want to use the font as a way to show your high level of artistic tone, Montserrat font probably wouldn’t be able to do that compared to other more expressive fonts. Those are the pros and cons of one of the most popular and widely used fonts in the world, the Montserrat font. If you want to find various great fonts for your projects, Twinletter at https://twinletter.com/ will give you what you need. 

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