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Know The Best Sans Serif Condensed Font

Who doesn’t know about the sans-serif font? Everyone who has experience in writing and design knows it. But do you know the sans serif condensed font? It’s a specific style of Sans Serif as a narrow version. Narrow, as in narrower than the standard typeface. 

If you still cannot visualize it, try to see the example of condensed fonts on the TwinLetter website. They provide various font styles that suit your style! If you’re curious, let’s learn more about the condensed sans serif you should know. 

Understanding Condensed Fonts

No one can deny that understanding fonts is crucial, especially for those trying to commercialize through their brand. Each font represents something that the writer could utilize for a better outcome.  

Don’t mistake condensed fonts for extended fonts. The best way to fully grasp the basic understanding of sans serif condensed fonts and other fonts is to dive into the TwinLetter website. You could have a clear visual for the best free condensed fonts.  

1. Differences Between Condensed and Extend Font 

Judging from the title, you can imagine the difference between the two font styles. But do not worry. Here, we will give you all the information needed to choose the best free condensed fonts and use them effectively.   

The size could be the main difference based on the font’s name. Extended fonts look wider, while condensed fonts have characters that put them close to each letter. If you want to choose between those two fonts, you can take the information below into consideration: 

  1. Extended fonts have the advantage of emphasizing text, while condensed fonts are not suitable for that 
  2. In comparison, the condensed font does not take up any space on the page, while extended fonts take up more space 
  3. Another crucial differentiation is the readability of each font. Based on the size, you would know that some of the condensed words seem hard to read, while the extended font is being stated as easier to read because of the gap in the spacing of letters.
  4. Either sans serif condensed font or extended font gives a different user experience meaning. Condensed font may look more appealing since it takes up less space, but might be harder to read.
  5. Since the extended font is easier to read, it provides a better user experience, especially when the text is too long. 

2. Best Free Condensed Fonts  

Examples of condensed fonts are League Gothic, Futura Condensed, Helvetica Condensed, Generica Condensed, and many more. Now that you have learned the differences between condensed and extended fonts, you have to dig up more about condensed fonts. 

Dive into the TwinLetter immediately for a more interesting condensed sans-serif style that you should know about! TwinLetter is the perfect place for you who seek various unique font styles. Do not worry if you’re curious about which font; we will explain it! 

  1. One of the examples of condensed fonts from TwinLetter is the Hervia, which emits boldness with a modern and strong impression.
  2. If you’re looking for a retro sans serif condensed font, Mibundi must be the perfect match. 
  3. More of the retro version of condensed sans serif that you should know from TwinLetter is Mashok, which could add a touch of nostalgia to your design.
  4. Next, TwinLetter also has a Hikran font style that is considered a stylish retro suitable for any project. 
  5. Still, in the example of the retro version, TwinLetter has Kebroon as a stylish font that sparks uniqueness.
  6. TwinLetter also has Fagumeh font, which is in high form and offers many playful touches to any project. 
  7. It seems like TwinLetter has an ongoing list that won’t stop showcasing examples of condensed fonts. Besides the fonts that have been mentioned, there’s also Getoik that could take your design to the next level that you never expected before 

Now that you have learned the differences between condensed and extended fonts, you are officially mastering the basic knowledge about condensed fonts. If you wish to gain valuable insight regarding typography, fonts, and other things, visit TwinLetter. 

Click TwinLetter and try to pick one that fits your needs among various sans serif condensed fonts they have offered customers. Take your time to choose the best font since selecting a font is a really important matter!

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