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Barbie Font – What You Must Know About This Cute Font Style

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Barbie font is one of the cutest font styles you can find today. However, do you ever know how this font style is made? Here, you will learn more about this unique and cute font style that people use to emphasize the girly vibe of any text and design.

Where Did It Come From?

The Barbie fonts you can find on da font originally come from the Barbie product logo. Interestingly, when many people tried to find what kind of font to use in the logo, they couldn’t find any font that matched that logo. It is not surprising. The Barbie logo design is made by hand drawing.

However, if we have to choose the available font style with a style close to the Barbie logo font, we can mention several of them. For example, you can try the Dollie script, which has a similar stroke style to the early years of the Barbie logo text. You might have to modify it to make it similar to the font in the Barbie logo.

Barbie Logo Font Style History

Now, to help you understand more about the barbie font, here, we have a short history of the Barbie logo and its changes.

∙         The original (1959-1975) 

it uses a cursive font, which makes it easy to remember. The company used it for more than 15 years. This font style gives a playful and naive vibe to the Barbie logo.

∙         The 3D Version (1975-1991)

It is the modern version of the original font style. It uses a three-dimensional shape, however, there is a slight change here. It uses capital letters for the first letter and lowercase for the rest of it.

∙         Flat (1991-1999)

They removed the shadow and 3D effect from the Barbie font. It becomes more simple and straight to the point. But, it keeps the elegance, playful, and naive nuance.

∙         Cursive (1999-2004)

The position of the text remained the same this time. But, they change the font style to the cursive one. Plus, adding the italics style gives a fresh and new vibe.

∙         Flower Style (2004-2005)

It used the cursive type font style. However, the dot on the “I” is changed into a flower.

∙         No Flower (2005-2009)

They keep the font style. However, they remove the flower from above the “I” letter.

∙         Back to Original (2009-present)

They use the first version. It is the same, from font style to color.


Barbie font has changed many times. It means you have many options to try with this font style. If you can’t find it in the font store, you can always order it from Font Maker to get the barbie font you like.

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