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The Best Choices of Logo Fonts For You

The business has reshaped itself for the last decades. The modern market has used the internet to do the whole job of the business. And this so-called marketplace on the internet is so full today. In this situation, a logo and a brand of a company have become the ultimate option for the company to do the most significant job, marketing. The right design will make the communication between the company and the customers a lot more effective. The right choice of logo fonts has been the main issue when creating a new brand or a logo for a business. That’s why, you can always look up to the popular brand already to get inspiration to create one for your own brand. 

Every type brings its own characteristics and value. And they, out of your consciousness, also send certain signals to the viewers. Here are some of the different fonts that are used by many popular brands. 

Logo Fonts Used By Popular Brands That May Inspire You 

A logo designer should be aware of their font choices when creating a logo or a brand. For the right choice will have a huge impact on the business, it should be done in a very careful way. Some logos of international brands are actually quite simple, but there is just the power. Simplicity and clarity are the two main principles in creating a logo. Here are some of the examples that you might get inspiration from.

1. Serif Fonts

These fonts are quite ancient, but a lot of 

popular brands select it as their main choice. Why? Because serif fonts give an authoritative look. It means that the look conveys a sense of power, stability as well trustworthiness. It is important for companies that work in the field of finance, law firms, or regular business. Some popular companies that use this choice are Vouge, Tiffany & 

Co, and even Wall Street Journal. They like to keep it simple but elegant at one time.

2. Sans-Serif Fonts

Unlike the traditional Serif fonts, this font choice has a more modern look. It also gives a sense of dynamic youth here. It makes the fonts perfect for companies that look for an energetic and dynamic atmosphere for the company. You should also consider your target audience when using this font for your logo. A Hipper audience with a more flexible brand character is what could be conveyed through San-serif fonts. You can take a look at Google as one of the brands using this font. And look at how the designer cleverly does a little touch upon it during certain moments which generates people’s excitement and experience when using it. Spotify is also another worldwide logo that uses this font. Keep it simple and combine its bright green and black background, making it a stunning work of a logo. 

3. All Caps

Another logo fonts choice that shows power and authority is the all-caps font. This option is a good choice for a company that would like to create a strong image for the public. You can refer to TESLA, ROLEX, and STARBUCKS for the example. If you want to show how firm and powerful your company is, then all-caps fonts could be one of your choices when making a logo design. In the case of ROLEX and STARBUCKS, a queen and crown touch has made a good harmony with the fonts to show how powerful they could be in business.

4. Lowercase 

On the other hand, you have another option which brings people a sense of friendliness and is more approachable. Instead of using all caps, you can use lowercase fonts to show people that your company is more accessible to everyone. It gives the look of down-to-earth sense to the viewers which means that you can reach every people from any level. If you want to get more audience from any level, in terms of age, social status, gender, or else, then you should try to apply this font to your logo. For starters, you can see how Amazon and Nutella logos. How nice they are made with a warm sense of touch so that people will not look up to the brand, but embrace it instead. Those two examples could not be any better examples, aren’t they?

So, choosing the right logo fonts is not an easy task. Every font will deliver different messages and emotions to the audience. When doing it right, you’ll be able to engage the viewers effectively and relate them to the product you are promoting. And when you need any help in any of this, just visit twinletter.com for the best choices of fonts that you need. 

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