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Recommended Fonts For Museum Designs

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Instead of boring, design museum should be attractive and appealing so that people, especially teenagers, are interested in visiting the museum. Not only the interior design of the museum, but the font used for the museum’s logo or name should also be a concern. Below are some recommended fonts for museum designs.


Although this font is quite unfamiliar, Stencil is a kind of font that artists and painters frequently use. The term Stencil itself refers to the way an artist creates street art. Each artist and painter have their own characteristics, as well as this Stencil font. Although its use is pretty widespread, to this day, this font is more frequently used for creating news headlines.

There are quite many newspapers and news portals that use fonts from Stencil to create a design of their main page.

Slab Serif

Slab Serif is one type of the Serif font popular in the 19th century. This font is widely used for billboards, posters, and pamphlets due to its easy-to-read characteristics in a big size. This way, people can read from afar. Slab Serif brings a vintage vibe to design museum. Some of its characteristics include being thick and shaped like a block. There are a few types of Slab Serif, such as Geometric, Typewriter, Clarendon, and Antique.


Baskerville is one old-fashioned font that many designers still use to this day. Its appearance is based on the calligraphy learned by the creator, John Baskerville, during his study abroad back in the 1750s. People of his time found this font unreadable and too complicated. However, it then became one of the most widely used fonts.

One of the most popular designs that use Baskerville is the official logo of the Canadian government. Baskerville is available in some types, such as Baskerville LightA, Baskerville Regular, and Baskerville Normal.

Cooper Hewitt

When the Smithsonian Design Museum made repairs by revitalizing its building as well as its identity, it involved a designer named Chester Jenkins to create the contemporary Sans Serif font that is available for free for public uses. It’s an aesthetic font that is ideal for today’s modern designs without losing the old-fashioned vibe. Those are some recommended fonts for museum designs. If you are looking for attractive fonts for whatever purposes of yours, Twin Letter is a reliable font generator. You can easily find any fonts, including the ones mentioned above for a design museum.

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