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Best Recommendations of Typewriter Font

5. typewriter font

The typewriter font is a good choice for you who want to bring a nostalgic, classic vibe to the brand or writing of yours. Because this font is specifically designed for old-fashioned fonts. Though it’s old-fashioned, quite many people still use it for several purposes, such as for documentation, design, and others. Below are some recommendations of typewriter fonts for your references.

Old Newspaper Types

As the name suggests, this font is inspired by the old retro newspaper style so that it has its own aesthetic design. Old Newspaper Types remain a functional font even in this modern era. Some people use it for creating a logo, brand name, and so on.


Created by Howard G. Kettler back in 1995 for IBM, Courier is one of the world’s most famous fonts. This font is indeed intended for a typewriter, which is why the characters have the same width. And due to this reason, lines of text written with this font are not homogeneous. For instance, the letter ‘m’ has the same spacing as the letter ‘i’.

However, this imperfection is what makes the Courier font so popular in the design world and is still used to this day. Adrian Frutiger then redesigned this font for IBM Selectic Microsoft so that it’s usable for websites. You can already find and use the Courier font in Windows and MacOS.

Triumph Typewriter

The next recommended typewriter font is the Triumph Typewriter Font. Created by Tomasz Skwronski, you can use this old-fashioned font for free. But if you are about to use it for commercial purposes, you need to contact the creator first. This font specifically comes with comprehensive characters. Meaning it has uppercase, lowercase, and some special letters.

Enigma Typewriter Sans

Enigma Typewriter Sans is one of the most recommended typewriter fonts. It’s because this font has a lot of character designs, from lowercase, uppercase, special letters, numbers, and even symbols. Just like the name says, this font is inspired by the Enigma machine, making it looks attractive. It’s a great choice if you want to bring a nostalgic vibe.

Lucida Typewriter

Lucida Typewriter was made by Kris Holmes and Charles Bigelow back in 1985. It’s one of the first digital typewriter fonts. This font has small, subtle changes in the thickness of the horns and excellent readability. This is a quite heavy font, yet clear to read. Twinletter is a font generator that can provide you with any typewriter font, including the ones mentioned above.

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