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5 Tips to Unleash Your Creativity with Graffiti Font

Are you planning to add edgy and urban vibes to your designs? The perfect Graffiti Font will do its magic to help you create such a desired look and vibe. Let’s learn more about Graffiti font alphabet letters, some of its styles, and tips for making your designs outstanding with the font in this passage.

A Brief History of Graffiti Font

The history of Graffiti font art started with graffiti – or we could refer to it as street art – origins, dating back to nearly 40 thousand years ago in Indonesia. The discovery of an ancient artwork in a cave makes it the oldest creative art ever created by humans. Modern graffiti started in the 1960s when urban kids in Philadelphia tagged the city walls. 

This font is to mirror graffiti in the real world. This typeface should resemble letters stenciled, painted, or drawn on the urban area’s sidewalks and walls. Just as the graffiti stands out against the harsh environment, so does your design when using the font.  

So, what are the characteristics of graffiti fonts? This typeface is unique due to its vivid colors and outlines that will make your design eye-catching. However, such a typeface may lack readability because of their irregular letterforms and uncommon ways of blending them into the designs.

Getting to Know Graffiti Font Styles

Learn about these font types and styles before deciding whether you want to use this font along with other typefaces aesthetically on your projects. This way, you can pick the perfect typeface to help you deliver the message of your projects. Dig up some of the most common styles of such a font here:

1. Tag

Tag is the most uncomplicated Graffiti font style due to its simple design that resembles human handwriting written or drawn monochromatically. Many graffiti artists started to develop their designs from tags since it is essentially their distinctive signature in style.

2. Bubble Letters

You can recognize this font type from its big, outlined, and rounded style that resembles bubbles squished against each other. Artists choose different colors for the bold outline and the fill. Thus, it will make the font stand out and legible to help you deliver the message well.

3. Stencil

Street art artists usually disregard this font because they think it lacks artistic skill. You only need pre-cut templates to create the desired effect with such a font. People mostly use stencils on political and social messages.

4. Wildstyle

Wildstyle is the best typeface in this category because it is complicated and uses highly stylized lettering. The designs will have many lettering fragments, such as curves, arrows, and spikes. Plentiful colors also dominate the overall outlook of the design.

Tips to Create Masterpiece Design with Graffiti Font

Making your project designs exceptional is attainable by adding such a font on the design. The typeface will not only add something special to your project designs but build an emotional connection as well. Here are the tips to create your best designs using such a font:

1. Choose the Most Suitable Font

Choosing the right graffiti fonts to fit the style and tone of your project is crucial since not all the typefaces are appropriate for the audience and designs. Make sure you choose the lettering to represent your entire design and deliver the message well..

2. Put the Font Together with More Legible Ones

Be sure to pair your right fonts with other readable typefaces since not all graffiti fonts are readable. This way, it will ease your audience in understanding the designs and also the message. Use the perfect typeface as your display text and combine it with an unadorned sans serif font to balance the designs.  

3. Optimize Elements Layering for a Visually Interesting Design

Should you wish to have a dynamic design, start experimenting with layering the font over design elements like texture or images. Such layering will even create an authentic and realistic feel.

4. Experiments with Colors

One of the most crucial parts of graffiti design is color. Thus, be creative in choosing the color to complement the font and the entire design.

5. Sparingly Use the Font

While such a font can create a striking design, excessive use of the typeface could be overwhelming. Thus, use the typefaces sparingly so your design will not be too complicated.

Unleash Your Creativity with a Graffiti Font from twinletter.com

Now that you know about some common graffiti font styles and tips on optimizing the typeface on your design, it is time for you to unleash your creativity. Explore a comprehensive collection from twinletter.com

Get the perfect typeface match for your design and get ready to excel in your project designs with one of twinletter.com. collections starting now! 

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