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Which one is better: Serif vs Non-Serif Font?

serif vs non serif font

You know the Serif font if you often design or write something. When choosing a font, there are plenty of options with different styles and strokes. But Serif always comes to mind. How about the non-serif font? Serif vs non-serif font? Which one would you prefer? 

You should be aware of the importance of choosing a font. Each font has its meaning and message that it delivers. You have to know when to use a serif or non-serif font when you’re in the middle of designing or writing something. So check this article out!

Difference Between Serif VS Non-Serif Font  

If you’re still wondering what Serif and Non-Serif fonts look like, you could look at the TwinLetter website! They will provide you with examples of Serif and non-Serif font styles. So make sure to see the fonts before reading this! 

Why is understanding the differences between fonts important? The main reason is that you need to consider the differences in fonts. For example, are Serif or Non-Serif fonts easier to read? You need to understand the comparison in many aspects. Don’t worry, we’ll show you! 

1. Understanding Serif and Non-Serif Font

Of course, before we get into the main comparison, we must first understand the basic things. If you receive a question, “What is a Serif?” or “What is a Non-Serif font?” Can you answer it? It’s not just a font, you know? 

Serif fonts are known for the small extensions or strokes at the end of the longer strokes. On the other hand, the non-serif font is what the name means, which means the other fonts aren’t categorized as serif fonts. You will understand it better when knowing the example. 

2. Example of Serif and Non-Serif Font 

Have you checked the TwinLetter website? They provide all the best kinds of fonts that you have ever dreamed of using! They even provide the common Serif fonts in various styles! Serif vs non-serif fonts will be easier to explain if you have already seen the font’s visuals.

The most common Serif font used by many people consists of Times New Roman, Georgia, Garamond, Georgia, and Courier New. On the other hand, the non-Serifs are Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Futura, etc. We will mention some examples from the TwinLetter website!

  1. For the Serif font, TwinLetter has a Broseki font that has a beautiful and elegant touch of the Serif font. 
  2. The second Serif font is Blecqki. If you’re looking for a retro style of Serif, then this is the perfect match for you! 
  3. The third Serif font is The Bachuz. It sparks a classic modernist look for your design. 
  4. Move on to the Non-Serif font. TwinLetter has two types of Arial. It is divided into the Kimyonja font and Thimiru font. Note that Non-Serif font has the same meaning as Sans-Serif font. Okay!  
  5. Next, for the Sans-Serif example, TwinLetter also provides Feruka with a bold style, Gadeg enhances the minimalist style, and Digofa marks the natural and elegant beauty of the font.

3. Which Fonts Are Easier to Read?

So, are serif or sans serif easier to read? You need to know this to fully understand when to use serif or non-serif font. Therefore, you would know when you’re engaging in a debate about serif vs non-serif font.

After learning the difference between serif and non-serif font, you will know which font is readable. In addition, you will know which font you will pick in the TwinLetter website for your next design project. Okay, let’s see the battle of Serif vs Non-Serif font down below,  

  1. Serif font has a decorative line style known as tails, while sans-serif fonts do not have this decorative line.
  2. Sans serifs are simpler than Serif fonts but have a modern and clean vibe. The Serif font has a different vibe. They show elegance and formality. 
  3. Based on each font’s style, the difference between serif and non-serif fonts is that serif fonts are considered more readable for print types, while sans serif is preferred for digital reading. 
  4. In the battle of serif vs non-serif fonts, serif fonts could give a meaning of trust to the readers, while sans serif evokes the vibe of simplicity.

Explore Serif and Non-Serif fonts at the TwinLetter website for more visual information. Through the website, you can see examples of serif and non-serif fonts. Now, after reading this, you have required the skill to know when to use serif or non-serif font.

Who wins the battle? Serif vs non-serif font? You could conclude it all by yourself after reading this article. Each font wins every aspect of the question: are serif or sans serif fonts easier to read? So, if you need to choose one, try to suit the message you’re trying to deliver.  

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